Introducing the Game-Changing WooCommerce Checkout Template Plugin

Supercharge Your WooCommerce Checkout Experience with Ease

Drive MORE sales by instantly upgrading your WooCommerce checkout to be faster, easier and just outright BETTER

Efficient Checkout and Payment Process

Streamline your checkout and payment process for a better website experience and satisfied visitors.

Tailored Checkout Experience

Customize the checkout experience to match your products or services, whether you sell one item or a range of offerings.

Proven Optimization Tactics

Based on proven tactics from over 300 successful e-commerce websites, ensuring a fast and simple checkout that works effectively.

High Customer Engagement

Provide a seamless experience, eliminate the inconvenience and keep customers engaged, resulting in increased visits and conversions.

Key features

Here's what's included with WC Plus

Address Autocomplete

Enhance checkout speed and accuracy with our Address Autocomplete feature. Powered by Google Maps (paid) and Geoapify (free/paid), it ensures a seamless address input experience.

Intuitive Multi-Step Layout

Our three-stage checkout process guarantees a user-friendly and intuitive experience for your customers, simplifying their journey to completion.

Custom Key Selling Points

Showcase up to six unique trust badges or key benefits prominently, highlighting your value propositions and building trust with your customers.

Safe and Secure

Rest assured that our checkout is built with the highest coding standards, ensuring a secure transaction process, and respecting your data privacy.


Easily integrate additional customizations with our platform through PHP or CSS coding, allowing developers to tailor the checkout to their specific needs.

Mobile Optimized

Deliver a seamless checkout experience on mobile devices, capturing and converting more customers who prefer to shop on their smartphones.

Conversion Focused

Our checkout is designed with a strong focus on driving conversions, simplifying the process, and making it more efficient for customers to complete their purchases.

Easy Admin Interface

Manage all checkout settings effortlessly with our simple and user-friendly admin interface, giving you full control over the checkout process.

Popup & Side Carts

Enable a popup cart with product recommendations whenever an item is added, encouraging additional purchases and boosting order value.

Use Case Focus

Choose from three tailored layouts that are specifically designed to streamline different use cases, catering to different types of customers and their specific needs.

Prominent FAQ Section

Address common questions and concerns in a dedicated FAQ section, providing helpful information and encouraging more completed purchases.

Set Promo or Alert Text

Utilize a dedicated area to promote special offers or display alerts, effectively driving more sales and keeping customers informed.

WHY choose US

Effortless User Journey

Simplify your customer’s journey with our seamless checkout experience. We recognize the vital role checkout plays in the overall customer experience. That’s why we offer an unparalleled solution that eliminates any hassle or frustration. Don’t settle for subpar alternatives when you can invest in our superior option. Give your customers an easy and hassle-free checkout process that they’ll truly appreciate.

WHY choose US

Delight Your Customers with a Customer-Focused Experience

Experience the power of our WooCommerce checkout, where we prioritize safety and social proof to provide a seamless and secure checkout process. Bid farewell to abandoned carts and welcome a wave of happy customers. Our plugin goes beyond the transaction, offering a personalized experience that leaves your customers feeling truly valued and heard. Elevate your online business and build lasting relationships with your customers through our exceptional solution.

WHY choose US

Increase Conversions & Sales with Our Plugin

Supercharge your WooCommerce website with our plugin to enhance customer experiences and drive more conversions and sales. Address common client questions, utilize high-converting layouts, and leverage proven e-commerce principles for maximum impact on your business’s success. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your website and achieve higher sales and customer satisfaction.


Hear from some of our beta testers

I’ve used WooCommerce for a long time, and I thought it was the best out there… until I discovered WC Plus. It’s head and shoulders above the default WooCommerce, and the improvements in functionality are just unbelievable. I’m completely blown away.

Setting up WC Plus was a breeze! I was worried I might need a developer, but the process was so straightforward that I managed it all by myself. Their user-friendly design is a real game-changer. Highly recommended!

Switching to WC Plus was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. I noticed an immediate increase in membership sign ups right after installation. The way it enhances customer experience is simply amazing.

The checkout process on my website has never been smoother. The address auto-complete feature is a dream, and my customers love it too. WC Plus has made my checkout process faster, easier, and a lot more efficient.

Building trust with my customers has always been a priority, and WC Plus makes it effortless. The transparency and ease-of-use it brings to the table has significantly boosted my customer relationships.

WC Plus has given me the perfect platform to highlight the key features of my products and effectively promote my free shipping offer. It’s like having a dedicated marketing team right in my dashboard. Absolutely fantastic!


Frequently Asked Questions

The top 5 questions we’ve been asked

WC Plus offers three unique checkout layouts that can be customized to match your branding and key selling points. Instead of displaying the checkout page within your website's header and footer, our plugin loads it in an isolated view. This optimized approach focuses on building customer confidence and increasing sales through proven UX and CX tactics.

Our plugin follows the default WooCommerce checkout guidelines, ensuring compatibility with all payment gateways out of the box. If you come across any issues with a specific gateway, simply let us know, and we'll promptly address and resolve the problem. Your seamless payment processing experience is our priority.

No, our plugin has been developed with a focus on speed and performance to provide you and your customers with a faster checkout experience. We have built it from the ground up to optimize performance. Depending on your website hosting, the plugin will operate at a speed similar to regular WooCommerce templates, and in many cases, it will be even faster. Rest assured that our plugin is designed to enhance your website's performance, not hinder it.

Yes, in order to maintain future development of the plugin there will be a monthly or annual license fee which will be announced closer to launch

Out of the box you can customize all the colors, key selling points & icons which generally speaking is more than enough for most online store owners.

However, if you're looking for something a bit more custom, you can add your own CSS & PHP through the admin section of the plugin.

Please note however, we don't provide support for custom changes