WooCommerce Checkout Template Plugin

Supercharge Your WooCommerce Checkout & Cart Experience
"It's clean, streamlined and the checkout experience is great. It's improved the experience for our clients and helps our students book and purchase workshops easier!"

Instantly upgrade your WooCommerce checkout & cart process to be faster, easier and just outright BETTER

Works with major Plugins & page builders including

And many more!

Key features

Here's what's included with WC Plus

Providing the functionality of 10+ different plugins and more!

Address Autocomplete

Enhance checkout speed and accuracy with our Address Autocomplete feature. Powered by Google Maps (paid) and Geoapify (free/paid), it ensures a seamless address input experience.

Intuitive Multi-Step Layout

Our three-stage checkout process guarantees a user-friendly and intuitive experience for your customers, simplifying their journey to completion.

Custom Key Selling Points

Showcase up to six unique trust badges or key benefits prominently, highlighting your value propositions and building trust with your customers.

Safe and Secure

Rest assured that our checkout is built with the highest coding standards, ensuring a secure transaction process, and respecting your data privacy.


Easily integrate additional customizations with our platform through PHP or CSS coding, allowing developers to tailor the checkout to their specific needs.

Mobile Optimized

Deliver a seamless checkout experience on mobile devices, capturing and converting more customers who prefer to shop on their smartphones.

Conversion Focused

Our checkout is designed with a strong focus on driving conversions, simplifying the process, and making it more efficient for customers to complete their purchases.

Easy Admin Interface

Manage all checkout settings effortlessly with our simple and user-friendly admin interface, giving you full control over the checkout process.

Popup & Side Carts

Enable a popup cart with product recommendations whenever an item is added, encouraging additional purchases and boosting order value.

Use Case Focus

Choose from three tailored layouts that are specifically designed to streamline different use cases, catering to different types of customers and their specific needs.

Prominent FAQ Section

Address common questions and concerns in a dedicated FAQ section, providing helpful information and encouraging more completed purchases.

Set Promo or Alert Text

Utilize a dedicated area to promote special offers or display alerts, effectively driving more sales and keeping customers informed.

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Effortless User Journey

Multi-step checkout experience!

Simplify your customer’s journey with our seamless checkout experience. We recognize the vital role checkout plays in the overall customer experience. That’s why we offer an unparalleled solution that eliminates any hassle or frustration. Don’t settle for subpar alternatives when you can invest in our superior option. Give your customers an easy and hassle-free checkout process that they’ll truly appreciate.

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Step Up Your Mobile Game with a Streamlined Checkout

It actually looks good on mobile!

Lead with confidence on mobile by offering a checkout that’s both polished and user-friendly. WC Plus brings the full functionality of your desktop checkout to mobile devices, not just fitting the screen but fashioned specifically for mobile use. Experience a checkout where every detail is considered—tabs for navigation stages are clear, shopping carts are noticeable, and promotional banners grab attention, ensuring your customers a superior mobile shopping experience.

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Maximize Upsells with Popup & Side Cart Enhancements

Present upsells when it really matters!

Transform every addition to the cart into an upselling opportunity with our Popup and Side Cart functionalities. Upon any product addition, trigger either a Popup or a Side Cart to surface, offering perfectly matched products tailored to the customer’s current selection. Customize upsell rules to present the most relevant products, leveraging the latest addition to influence suggestions. This strategic approach not only enriches the shopping experience but also significantly increases the likelihood of expanding average cart sizes by showcasing items your customers are inclined to desire.

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Upsell New Products & Offers During & Post Checkout

Perfect for discounted one time offers!

WC Plus includes Order Bumps & Post Purchase Upsells, which you can set up and configure based on cart sizes (value), product types, and more to give you complete control to dynamically present a whole range of unique offers & discounts as needed. From adding a box of chocolates for your next flower bouquet order; or perhaps a bottle brush after they place their order. The options are endless.

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Leverage 'My Account' as a Tool for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Eliminate distractions and keep it simple!

Enjoy the benefits of a cleaner ‘My Account’ interface that not only looks great but also simplifies navigation, making every interaction a step towards increased customer loyalty and repeat business.