WooCommerce site? Carts not converting into sales?
🚀Supercharge your WooCommerce checkout & cart to get more sales with the power of 10+ plugins in one

3 Modern Layouts
Pick from 3 available layouts, optimized to increase conversions and generate more sales!

Your Branding
Set your logo, colours and branding for all elements of the page.

Key Selling Points
Set icons & text for up to 3 key selling points.

Promotional Text
Dedicated area for special offers or important alerts.

Cart Goals
Encourage customers to increase their cart values to unlock discounts.

Order Summary
Show product photos, allow for qty control, highlight savings/discounts.

Savings Summary
Highlight the savings your customers are making with a total savings figure including any on sale items & discounts from coupons.

Sidebar Key Selling Points
Provide additional key selling points directly below your order summary.

Prominent FAQ's
Address common questions and concerns in a dedicated FAQ section.

Address Autocomplete
Use Google Maps or Geoapify to allow customers to search for their address.

Multi-step Form
Break up the 3 key areas of your checkout page into their own stages.

Payment Key Selling Points
Provide additional key selling points on your payment details tab.

"It's clean, streamlined and the checkout experience is great. It's improved the experience for our clients and helps our students book and purchase workshops easier!"

The Ultimate WooCommerce Checkout Template Plugin

Instantly upgrade your WooCommerce checkout & cart with a conversion optimized plugin

Works with major Plugins & page builders including

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Key Features of WC Plus

A WooCommerce checkout plugin with the functionality of 10+ different plugins all neatly packed into one

Here's what's included with WC Plus
And much more!
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Multi-step checkout template plugin experience

Effortless User Journey

Simplify your customer’s journey with our seamless checkout experience. We recognize the vital role checkout plays in the overall customer experience. That’s why we offer an unparalleled solution that eliminates any hassle or frustration. Don’t settle for subpar alternatives when you can invest in our superior option. Give your customers an easy and hassle-free checkout process that they’ll truly appreciate.

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Mobile optimized checkout templates for woocommerce

Conversion optimised for more sales by making the mobile experience easier to use

Lead with confidence on mobile by offering a checkout that’s both polished and user-friendly. WC Plus brings the full functionality of your desktop checkout to mobile devices, not just fitting the screen but fashioned specifically for mobile use. Experience a checkout where every detail is considered—tabs for navigation stages are clear, shopping carts are noticeable, and promotional banners grab attention, ensuring your customers a superior mobile shopping experience.

WHY choose US

Maximize Upsells with Popup & Side Cart Enhancements

Present upsells when it really matters!

Transform every addition to the cart into an upselling opportunity with our Popup and Side Cart functionalities. Upon any product addition, trigger either a Popup or a Side Cart to surface, offering perfectly matched products tailored to the customer’s current selection. Customize upsell rules to present the most relevant products, leveraging the latest addition to influence suggestions. This strategic approach not only enriches the shopping experience but also significantly increases the likelihood of expanding average cart sizes by showcasing items your customers are inclined to desire.