My Account For WooCommerce

Customize the hub of customer activity in your WooCommerce store to provide a personalized experience.

Strengthen Customer Trust and Loyalty

Go beyond basic functionality—bring style and finesse to your ‘My Account’ pages.

Grant your customers the ease of navigation with a well-organized ‘My Account’ page. Choose between horizontal or vertical menus, adjust colors and spacing, and select icons that guide your customers smoothly through their account management.

Boost Your Sales with Side Cart Magic

Our Side Carts are not just a feature; they’re a sales strategy. They provide customers with an immediate and interactive view of their cart, along with personalized recommendations that can turn a single purchase into a shopping spree.

This is the power of convenience, turning casual browsing into serious buying.

Optimize Account Management with Style and Function

Tailor everything from the layout to small design details to meet your brand’s style and elevate the way customers interact with their dashboard.

Personalize customer dashboards

Flexible layout styles

Brand-centric design customization

Align the aesthetic of account management with your store’s character, making every customer interaction a delight.