Cart Goals for Woocommerce Checkout

Create cart goals that encourage customers to increase their cart values to unlock special discounts and free shipping options. Stack cart goals to drive more sales and show larger discounts with higher spending.

Sidebar Cart Goals

Display the same cart goals right in your sidebar & popup carts, motivating customers to boost their cart totals from the moment they add their first product.

Sidebar Cart Goals​

Easily setup and manage multiple cart goals through the backend admin screen that further allows you to prioritize which cart goals are displayed first.

Increase your average cart value with clear prompts

Build layered cart goals & targets for your customers & spur higher purchases by showcasing amplified discounts alongside increased spending.

Set min cart values

Set initial & completed text

Works great with plugins that auto-apply coupons

Encourage more spending that actually makes your customers feel like they’re getting more value in return; give our cart goals a try today with our free 30 day WC Plus trial!