WC Plus Included Feature

Post Purchase Upsells For WooCommerce

Maximize your revenue by showcasing tailored offers to your customers right after they complete a purchase, unlocking new opportunities for additional sales.

Enhance Engagement with Smart Popups

Elevate your customers’ shopping experience with our intelligent Popup & Side Carts. When customers add an item to their cart, they’re greeted with smart product recommendations, encouraging them to explore more and buy more.

It’s an effortless way to increase your average order value and keep customers shopping longer.

Why Do Post-purchase Upsells Work So Well?

Post-purchase upsells work because customers are still in the “buying mode”, freshly committed to their initial purchase. This prime moment leverages their readiness to add more to their order.

Elevate AOV with upsells

Sell more on every order

Give customers variants

Post-purchase upsells enhance flexibility, allowing customers to select from their preferred product options, significantly increasing the likelihood of adding to their initial order total.