Order Bumps For WooCommerce

Turn one sale into multiple with order bumps. Easily add on products that compliment the customer’s current choice, right at checkout.

Increase Cart Value Effortlessly

Elevate every transaction by strategically positioning order bumps for maximum visibility. Customize their look to match your brand, encourage bulk purchases, and let customers effortlessly add more to their carts, amplifying your profits with every click.

Boost Your Sales with Side Cart Magic

Our Side Carts are not just a feature; they’re a sales strategy. They provide customers with an immediate and interactive view of their cart, along with personalized recommendations that can turn a single purchase into a shopping spree.

This is the power of convenience, turning casual browsing into serious buying.

Boost Average Order Size

Capture your customers’ interest when they’re ready to buy, enhancing their cart with just the right recommendations.

Capitalize on Impulse Purchases

Keep the process moving

Perfect the Upsell Timing

Strategically time your upsells post-purchase to secure sales without risk, and boost order values with simple, impulse-driven order bumps at checkout.