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WooCommerce Order Bump: Improve Revenue by Offering Relevant Products on Checkout

Picture yourself in line at your favorite coffee shop, eagerly anticipating your morning coffee. “Would you like to try our signature pastry with that?” the cashier asks as you approach, place your order, and pay.

It is a simple yet effective upsell offer that entices you to enhance your coffee experience with a delicious treat.

Upselling methods can be translated into order bumps that online stores use to entice their customers to purchase more and, in turn, make more sales.

What Is An Order Bump?

An order bump is a marketing technique to increase sales by offering complimentary products right before online shoppers make payments.

By displaying additional products throughout the checkout process after customers have selected the main products they want to purchase and just before they make a payment, you can entice them to spend money.

But it is not enough to merely suggest random products. You must make bump offers with complimentary products to give customers a personalized shopping experience and make them 40% more likely to spend more.

How is it Different From an Upsell?

Although upsell offers and order bumps in WooCommerce are both techniques used to boost sales and revenue, the two have key differences.

Timing and Placement

An order bump is presented to customers during the checkout process. A button or checkbox might enable consumers to add one or more things to the primary product in their cart with a single click before finalizing their purchase in a WooCommerce checkout.

However, an upsell could be presented to customers before or after they have completed their initial purchase.

Product Relationship

The product offered as a WooCommerce order bump is usually complimentary to the main product being purchased. For example, you make an order bump offer of a carrying strap to customers who have added yoga mats to their carts.

Upsells, however, allow you to offer a high-end version of the product your customer is purchasing. With a WooCommerce checkout upsell, you can provide your customer who just bought a smartphone the option to upgrade to a higher storage capacity model for a little additional cost.


Order bumps are seamlessly incorporated into the checkout process, frequently appearing on the same page where buyers enter their payment information. Because customers don’t have to leave the checkout process to view the offer, their positioning makes them very prominent and easy to consider and add to their cart with a single click.

While upsells may provide more essential upgrades or features, customers need to take more steps to examine and assess the offer before they can click upsell, which adds friction to the purchasing process.


The primary goal of an order bump is to improve the average order value by providing additional or supplementary products that complement the customer’s original purchase.

For example, you might use the WC Plus plugin to display product recommendations on your checkout form, encouraging visitors to add products to their cart before submitting their order.

Upsells aim to increase revenue per transaction by urging clients to spend more or choose higher-value alternatives that better fit their needs or preferences.

Why Do Order Bumps Work?


WooCommerce order bumps allow customers to add relevant products to their cart during checkout. It does not require them to make additional decisions or navigate to another page but will enable them to add offer products to their carts with a single click.

This allows your online store to improve your average order’s value without risking cart abandonment due to distractions.

Impulse Buying

Order bumps take advantage of consumers’ impulsive buying habits by presenting them with products that are both relevant and alluring at the exact moment when they are ready to make a purchase.

This results in the buyer adding the extra product to their cart.

Increased Visibility

Order bumps are deliberately placed throughout the checkout flow, making customers more likely to notice and evaluate the additional offer.

WooCommerce order bump offers can also be used as a strategic tool to display new items or products that customers may not know you offer. Using plugins like WC Plus, you may show these products on your checkout pages to introduce potential buyers to new products they may find helpful.


Research shows that customers spend 34% more than average when interactions and recommendations are tailored to their interests.

This implies that order bumps allow you to increase your sales by making one or multiple offers to your customers based on the items in their carts, past purchases, or browsing history.


Order bumps are presented in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. It typically required customers to check a box or click a button to add an order bump to their carts.

With a WooCommerce order bump plugin, you minimize complexity and reduce friction in the buying process while displaying a bump offer product.

Although WooCommerce order bumps have been proven to increase sales, they must be appropriately implemented to work. Let’s consider the processes of integrating order bumps for your WooCommerce.

Strategies for Implementing WooCommerce Order Bumps

Product Selection

The first step to making an order bump offer for WooCommerce is to select the offer content. Ensure the order bump product is closely related to the main items in the cart. It should cross sell, complement the customer’s original purchase, and provide additional value.

You can do this by identifying your target customers and considering popular or trending items likely to resonate with them. For example, order bump ideas of laptop stands and cooling pads are smart offers for customers with laptops in their carts.

Offer Design

Your order bump design must be visually appealing to entice customers to accept the offer.

Include an eye-catching headline that properly illustrates the value proposition of the order bump offer. Use compelling wording to lure customers and highlight the benefits of including the additional product in their cart.

You should also include high-resolution images that accurately showcase the bump order products in the best possible light.

With the WC Plus WooCommerce order bump plugin, you get fully customizable offer templates to set up order bumps for variable products, add the product image, edit text color and text size, and include the offer price before the place order button.

Placement Strategy

To ensure maximum visibility, place the order bump prominently within the checkout process.

Ensure that the presence of your bump offer on the checkout page does not disrupt the shopping process or cause any distractions.

A good strategy is to place it within the payment section of the checkout flow so that customers pay attention to it and click the “add order bump” button without it getting in the way.

Pricing Tactics

The price of your complementary products determines, to a large extent, the likelihood of customers accepting the offer. Determine the order bump’s price carefully to increase the average order without turning away clients.


You could provide a bundle deal or discounted price to encourage customers to add the order bump to their purchase. To maximize conversion rates, try various price techniques, such as tiered pricing or temporary promotions.

A good tip is to consider the price of the main products in customers’ carts, as people are less likely to accept a product offer that is more expensive than the products in the cart.

Continuous Improvement and Optimization

Ensure your order bump tactics are still relevant to your business objectives and effective by reviewing and updating them regularly. You can do this by keeping up with market developments and recommended procedures for implementing order bumps.

Ask customers for their comments to find areas for improvement and address any problems or concerns.

You must use a bump offer plugin like WC Plus that allows you to make necessary changes to your bump offers when required.

Implementing bump offers in your WooCommerce store is essential to boost your sales and improve customer experience. Click here to start with WC Plus, a plugin that allows you to set up WooCommerce order bumps for your online store and do much more.

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