Popup & Side Carts For WooCommerce

Enable a popup cart with product recommendations whenever an item is added, encouraging additional purchases and boosting order value.

Enhance Engagement with Smart Popups

Elevate your customers’ shopping experience with our intelligent Popup & Side Carts. When customers add an item to their cart, they’re greeted with smart product recommendations, encouraging them to explore more and buy more.

It’s an effortless way to increase your average order value and keep customers shopping longer.

Boost Your Sales with Side Cart Magic

Our Side Carts are not just a feature; they’re a sales strategy. They provide customers with an immediate and interactive view of their cart, along with personalized recommendations that can turn a single purchase into a shopping spree.

This is the power of convenience, turning casual browsing into serious buying.

Seamless Upselling for Bigger Carts

With Popup & Side Carts, upselling becomes a natural part of the shopping journey. By presenting customers with options that complement their choices, you’re not just selling products—you’re enhancing their shopping experience and growing your revenue with every click.

Drive Additional Purchases

Elevate Average Order Value

Create Memorable Experiences

Our Popup & Side Carts do more than retain customers; they’re designed to turn every visit into a valuable opportunity. By integrating these smart features into your WooCommerce store, you’re not just setting up a cart—you’re curating a journey that leads to more sales and happier customers.