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WooCommerce post purchase upsell: How to upsell on WooCommerce after adding to the cart

If you’re running an online store using WooCommerce, you’re likely always looking for ways to increase your sales and improve the shopping experience for your customers. One effective strategy that can significantly boost your revenue is the implementation of WooCommerce post-purchase upsell—especially at the cart stage.

Cart upsell is a method where you offer additional, related products to customers when they add an item to their shopping cart. This tactic is not just about increasing order values; it’s also about enhancing customer satisfaction by suggesting products that genuinely complement their purchase.

Let’s look at how they differ from cross-sells, delve into the psychology behind why they work so effectively, and explore some practical tips on how to implement these strategies to encourage customers and optimize their shopping journey in online stores.

What is a WooCommerce Cart Upsell?

In WooCommerce, upselling showcases related or superior products to customers at various stages of their shopping journey. While upselling can occur on the product page, shop page, or checkout page, a unique moment is during the cart stage—this is known as a cart upsell.

Once a customer adds a product to their cart, they are presented with additional products that complement or enhance their initial choice. These recommendations might include accessories, higher-quality versions of the item, or other products that other customers frequently purchase together.

For instance, imagine a customer browsing a WooCommerce store specializing in fashion. They decide to add a hoodie to their shopping cart. The store can suggest related items such as t-shirts, alternative hoodie designs, or even hats. These suggestions appear on the cart page, offering customers the chance to enrich their purchases with complementary products, thereby potentially increasing the total value of their shopping cart.

WooCommerce cart upsells aim to encourage customers to explore additional, relevant options that enhance their purchase. This strategy aims to improve the shopping experience by offering more tailored options and significantly boosts the average order value by showing these upsell offers right where the decision-making process intensifies—the WooCommerce cart page.

By implementing offer upsells, store owners can effectively increase sales and provide customers with a more satisfying shopping experience, making them more likely to return for future purchases.

Difference between cross sells, and cart upsells

The two ways to improve the value of shopping carts are upselling and cross-selling.

While they might seem similar at first glance, as both involve recommending products during the shopping process, they serve different purposes and are driven by distinct tactics.

Cart Upsells

Upselling in WooCommerce is about encouraging customers to purchase a more expensive, upgraded version of an item they have already added to their cart. The aim is to persuade customers to upgrade their choice by opting for a higher-end product.

For example, if a customer has a basic laptop in their cart, you could suggest a more advanced model with better features and performance.

The effectiveness of upsells lies in their timing and relevance. Since customers are already in a buying mindset when they see these offers, they are more receptive to considering better options. Cart upsell offers increased overall spending and a seamless shopping experience by aligning more closely with customers’ needs.

Cart Cross-Sells

On the other hand, cross-selling in WooCommerce focuses on suggesting complementary items that enhance or relate to the main product in the cart. Unlike upsells that display an upgraded offer product, cross-sells aim to broaden the shopping experience.

For instance, if a customer plans to buy a single product, such as a pair of shoes, introducing cross-sell items like shoe care kits, insoles, or shoe bags can add value to their initial purchase. These products enhance the use of cart items or preserve their quality, making the purchase more comprehensive.

Strategic Differences

The critical distinction between upselling and cross-selling in WooCommerce lies in the intention behind each strategy:

Upsells target the desire for a superior version of the chosen item, tapping into the customer’s interest in quality or feature enhancements.

Cross-sells, however, broaden the purchase scope, introducing customers to additional items that complement their initial choice.

Both strategies can significantly boost the shopping cart value and improve customer experience by making personalized recommendations when applied effectively. As a WooCommerce store owner, understanding and utilizing these tactics can lead to more satisfied customers and increased sales.

The Psychology Behind Upsells

Understanding the psychology behind upsells is crucial for effectively implementing this strategy in your WooCommerce store. Upselling taps into several psychological triggers that influence buying behavior, making it a powerful tool to help boost conversions.

Perceived Value Enhancement

Upselling works by enhancing the perceived value of a purchase. When customers are presented with an upgraded version of an item they’re already interested in, they often think of it as a better deal if the added benefits justify the price increase.

For example, offering a laptop with significantly improved battery life and performance for a small additional cost can make the higher-priced option seem like a wise investment.

The Principle of Commitment

Once customers have decided to buy something, they’ve made a psychological commitment to the purchase. They are more open to suggestions that enhance their initial decision at this stage. Upselling after a customer adds a product to their cart leverages this commitment—customers are more likely to consider an upgrade because it builds on the decision they’ve already made.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Upselling also plays on the fear of missing out. Customers who see an upgraded product offering more features or better performance may miss out on a better experience if they stick with the less advanced option. This can prompt them to opt for the upgrade to avoid potential regret.

Satisfaction and Loyalty

Offering upsells can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. When customers feel they’ve made the best possible decision for their needs, they will likely feel more satisfied with their purchase.

Additionally, if the upsell genuinely enhances their experience with the product, you improve your customer retention as they are more likely to return to the same store for future purchases.

Simplifying Choice

Too many choices can be overwhelming, but a product upsell that offers a tangible improvement on what is already in the cart simplifies decision-making.

By carefully selecting which products to present as upsells, you can use upsell plugins to help customers make decisions more quickly.

This reduces the shopper’s cognitive load, making the shopping process more enjoyable and efficient.

Implementing upsell strategies effectively requires a deep understanding of these psychological factors. By aligning your upsell offers with the needs and emotions of your customers, you increase your average order value and turn casual shoppers into loyal customers.

Why Should You Implement WooCommerce Cart Upsell for Your Checkout Page?

Implementing WooCommerce cart upsells at your checkout page can transform how customers interact with your online store, leading to numerous benefits. Here’s why integrating this feature is a smart move for any store owner.

Boost Sales and Average Order Value

One of the primary reasons for implementing cart upsells is to increase sales. You can significantly increase the average order value (AOV) by suggesting relevant products at the perfect time at the checkout.

This encourages customers to explore beyond their initial choice, adding items that enhance their purchase or provide additional functionality.

Enhance Customer Experience

Offering personalized recommendations through cart upsells shows customers that you understand their needs and preferences, which can significantly enhance their shopping experience.

By making relevant products easily accessible during the checkout process, you make shopping more convenient and increase the likelihood of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Improve Product Discovery

Many customers may need to be made aware of your store’s full range of products. Incorporating special offers into the cart page can expose customers to products they might have missed, enhancing product visibility and discovery.

This is particularly useful for highlighting new arrivals or lesser-known items that complement their purchase.

Boost Slow-Moving Inventory

Using an upsell plugin is a crucial tool for managing inventory.

If certain products are overstocked or approaching their expiry date, featuring them as upsells can help clear out inventory quickly, optimizing stock levels and making room for new products.

Cost-Effective Revenue Growth

With cart upsells, the cost of acquiring a customer remains unchanged, but the potential revenue from each transaction increases. This makes upselling a cost-effective way to boost revenue effortlessly without additional marketing spend.

By improving the value of each purchase, you effectively lower the overall customer acquisition cost.

Streamlined Shopping Process

WooCommerce cart upsells can be implemented in ways that do not disrupt the shopping process but enhance it.

For example, using a slide-in mini cart for upsells and cross-sells ensures that customers can see product recommendations without navigating away from their current page, promoting upsell items in a non-intrusive manner that respects the customer’s experience.

Incorporating upsell for WooCommerce at the checkout page is more than just a tactic to increase immediate sales. It is a comprehensive strategy to enhance user engagement, improve inventory management, and ensure sustainable growth.

Making the shopping process more interactive and personalized encourages higher-value orders to boost your sales and revenue.

How to Implement WooCommerce Cart Upsell with WC Plus

Implementing WooCommerce cart upsells effectively can significantly enhance the average order value and improve the overall customer experience in your online store. Here’s a straightforward guide on setting up cart upsells using WC Plus.

Accessing the Setup


Start by navigating to the WC Plus section in your WordPress dashboard. Once there, click “Post Purchase Upsell” and then the “Add Offer” button to begin configuring your upsells.

Configure Your Upsell Offer


In the “Post Purchase Upsells” tab, you’ll need to configure a few key details:

Name Your Offer

Give your upsell configuration a unique name to manage multiple offers easily.

Select a Product

Choose from a dropdown list the product you want to offer as an upsell. This should complement what is already in the customer’s cart.

Specify Quantity and Pricing

Set the quantity for the selected product and adjust the sale and regular prices as needed.

Add a Description

Write a compelling description for the upsell product to entice customers to add it to their cart before they complete their purchase.

Setting Conditions


Click the dropdown icon under “Conditions” to choose from three available options:

Available to all products

This condition applies to the upsell across your store.

Has product from a specific category

Select this to show upsells only when items from a specific category are in the cart.

Specific cart value (min-max)

Use this option to trigger upsells based on the total cart value falling within a set range.

Select the condition that aligns with your marketing strategy and toggle on to enable the functionality.

Save and Update Settings

Once all settings are configured, click the “Update Settings” button to activate the upsell offers. This action saves all your changes and ensures the upsell is ready to be displayed to customers.

Customize the Appearance


Lastly, improve the visual appeal of your upsell offers by customizing their appearance. Navigate to the “Page Styling” tab to select colors or type in specific color codes to match your brand’s aesthetic. Updating these settings will apply your custom style to the Post Purchase Upsell section.


By following these steps, you can set up and manage effective upsell offers with WC Plus to increase sales and average order value of your WooCommerce store.


The benefits of deploying a WooCommerce post purchase upsell is clear: from increasing revenue and improving inventory turnover to enhancing the checkout process for your customers.

If you’re looking to drive higher value per transaction and make your store more profitable without increasing the overhead of customer acquisition, implementing a robust WooCommerce cart upsell strategy with WC Plus could be the perfect solution.

Get started with WC Plus today and unlock the potential for increased sales and happier customers!

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