Explore Real Success Stories with WC Plus

Case Studies

WC Plus has been pivotal in enhancing user experience, streamlining checkout processes, and boosting sales across various industries.

Online Alcohol Store

General Ecommerce Layout


The WC Plus plugin revitalized the online shopping experience for Valore Cellars, integrating seamlessly to expedite browsing and purchasing. The result? A smoother, faster user journey that led to a significant uptick in sales within the competitive alcohol retail industry.

Car Wash Shop

Membership Layout


The mobile-optimised nature of WC Plus turned Grandwash Auto into a hub for on-the-go bookings, with customers able to schedule car washes directly from their phones, increasing convenience and driving up mobile-based sales.

Hair Salon

General Ecommerce Layout


Cleaver & Co. Hair gained customisable booking forms, making it easy for clients to schedule appointments. This led to a smoother booking process and increased online bookings.

RF Antenna Manufacturer

General Ecommerce Layout


A conversion-optimised layout enabled ZCG to guide B2B clients through a streamlined purchasing funnel, simplifying complex orders and increasing conversion rates for their technical products.

Training & Massage School​

Online Course Layout


ACFB saw an increase in bookings for additional classes and treatments with WC Plus’s Post Purchase Upsell, gently guiding customers to more wellness opportunities after their initial enrollment.

Electrical Training School

Online Course Layout


Electrical Training Academy managed course enrollments and materials with ease, providing a better backend experience that translated into a smoother operation and customer interaction.

Luxury Furniture Store

General Ecommerce Layout


Cocolea used our use case-based layouts to showcase their luxury furniture within contextually designed spaces, allowing customers to envision the pieces in their own homes, which amplified purchase intent and sales.